How to make the best cake


Our Approach


At Divine Cake Creations cake baking is not only a skill but it is a form of art which we really enjoy. 

Our mission is to be the leading cake baking company in London. We love baking cakes and are passionate about cake designing. We treat each customer as an individual as we know you all have your own individual needs. We do this by having a consultation beforehand to find out your specific requirements.


During our consultation, we will find out what kind of cake you want which flavour or filling of cake your require any specific designs, instructions or taste requirements, we then take all your information out it into consideration and design and plan and begin baking your cake.


The ingredients are sourced fresh and locally. We only use fresh ingredients as we strive to maintain our position as the tastiest cakes in London.


Divine Cake Creations was founded in 1997 buy Adenike Otudeko who has a passion for cake baking and catering. Adenike began her career as a catering manager having catered for the houses of parliament and restaurants and other facilities.


Adenike began baking cakes for friends and as a result of the positive feedback, she received from my tasty cakes I decided to turn it into a business. This is when I opened my shop in East Hill Wandsworth baking and selling cakes and catering supplies within the local community. Most of my long-term clients I have built up through my shop and word of mouth.


After running Divine Cake Creations locally for some years I decided to branch out and serve a wider community covering the whole of London and Essex.

I enjoy a challenge and as you can see from my portfolio I pay close attention to detail and create the most beautiful elaborate sugar icing detail on your cake.

Our vision is to be the number one provider of birthday cakes in London. Give us a try and see what your taste buds have been missing out on.



View our cake gallery which includes cakes for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. 

Every one of these cakes has been enjoyed by satisfied customers.